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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..10 February 2013

Hello All, did you miss me? By the time I got home last night I was tired and it was getting late so I gave it a miss, it has been a busy weekend.

We were up early yesterday as we had arranged to take my son Wade and his partner Gink to pick up Gink’s new car in Nuriootpa, it was a nice drive there, lots of banter and a good laugh. In appreciation the boys shouted us to lunch in Angaston at Cafe 40, then we were back to Adelaide to visit Brian‘s mother who has just returned from a cruise.

Joan had bought us a couple of shirts each but unfortunately Brian has put on just a little bit of weight and I have finished up with four shirts, although I think they will be too big for me, and I do not intend to grow into them. Brian needs to lose some weight, which will help with his back problem as well, so that he can wear them.

Brian stayed home last night but I was off the Elizabeth to watch Hi Risk Pro Wrestling, my son Blake’s wrestling show. It is a great family night out, reasonably priced, and the kids in particular love it. I still get a thrill watching Blake’s fans have photos taken with him, and ask for his autograph.

Aside from Cody and Bailey the whole family was there so I saw all my sons and six of my eight grandchildren, not a bad night out by anyones standards. To top the night off I brought my granddaughter Jade home with me as she stayed the night and Blake picked her up this morning.

Jade does not really settle here, she was still awake at midnight and was awake early this morning. This morning I asked her if she would like a bath and she tactfully declined, as Papa is not really very good with a little girls long hair when knotty, as she knows from a previous experience that is obviously still fresh in her mind. This afternoon Papa is a little worse for wear and could do with a nap but it is a bit late for that now, although I can see an early night coming which is why I am writing now.

We have just arrived home from a friend’s house where we caught up with a mutual friend who is on holiday from Queensland for a few days. It was a pleasant afternoon as we saw a number of friends who do not get together often, everyone is so busy with their lives that time just gets away from you.

That’s it from me, I have waffled long enough. I hope you all had a great weekend. Welcome to my new readers and thank you for reading.

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