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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..11 February 2013

After a busy weekend today at the office was bedlam, but let’s face it I thrive on bedlam, the busier I am the better I perform. Don’t get me wrong I get bloody frustrated when the phone and email are hitting thick and fast, but the adrenaline rush and the sense of achievement at the end of the day are worth it.

It is amazing how much work you can get through when you are under the pump, I suppose the only drawback in a small office environment is that I have nowhere to vent when sometimes I would just like to scream. Never mind that is karma teaching one patience and humility, or at least that is what I am telling myself.

Today I got notification of another three corporations about to  come on-line, no rest for the wicked I guess. I can’t complain, I want five days per week and I am going to get it, and quicker than I thought which will make both Brian and I very happy as we save for our next house and an overseas holiday.

There is one more bonus in all this, for me anyway, although I think Brian is dreading it, it means I will once again be able to have my racing pigeons, something I am very much looking forward to. It will be great to be out in the open , cleaning out the loft, breeding babies, and the sense of achievement when they come home in winning race time. I know you all think I am a bit strange, and I am, but ask any pigeon fancier and he will tell you that it gets into your blood, once a pigeon man always a pigeon man.

Goodnight all, and thanks for reading.

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