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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..13 February 2013

Pope Benedict XVI has announced that he will abdicate as Pope at the end of February, now while I am not a religious man I do have some reverence for the role of the Pontiff. The abdication of the Pope is unprecedented in modern times, however he is looking frail and if he feels he cannot perform his duties as he should then this is probably a good move. It would be a refreshing change to see the appointment of a Pope from a different background and ethnicity, more akin with our ever shrinking world.

My one hope is that the church appoints in the new Pope someone who thinks in a more modern way, as the church has lost touch with modern thinking. Granted this is a very old position going back to Saint Peter who I think  was the first Pope, but the times they are a changing and the Catholic Church must move with the times. Contraception, the rights of gay marriage, child abuse within the church, all these things need to be addressed by the new Pontiff, the Catholic Church cannot continue to bury its head in the sand.

On to lighter matters, today has been one heck of a day, I was up early to get my car repaired. The petrol cap and the boot lock set me back $66, but the bad news is that the driver’s door lock could be up to $300, I won’t know until they pull my door apart and check it out further.

On the way home Brian and I saw a snake slithering across the Esplanade in Semaphore, I hate snakes, it is one of my worst fears to come face to face with a snake. Even sitting in the car I shuddered and paranoia set in that somehow it would come up through the underside of the car. The very thought still gives me the creeps.

Later in the afternoon whilst I was doing the ironing a friend popped in for a coffee and a chat, it is not very often that anyone pops in out of the blue so it was a nice change. Earlier in the day we went to see my daughter-in-law Melissa and had a good chinwag with her as well, keep your chin up Sweet.

Back to work tomorrow so bye for now. Thank you for reading.

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