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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..15 February 2013

Every now and then someone comes into your life and you think, whatever have I done to deserve this, then you just have to step back and realise that you did not do anything, s##t just happens. I have met some horrible people in my time but the guy today just about takes the cake.

Some background, one of my corporations has a problem with a particular owner, unfortunately for me things came to a head today when I was asked to contact this person, first by phone to explain the issue, to be followed up in writing. As requested I made the phone call and spoke to this guy’s partner, she was reasonably pleasant under the circumstances, however a few minutes later the husband called.

This guy proceeded to tell me what a piece of crap I am, and to say some unflattering things about his fellow corporation owners. He then started swearing at me so I politely informed him I was not there to be spoken to like that, at which he told me I was there to be spoken to as he saw fit, and if he wanted to abuse me I would take it. I told him to have a lovely day and I hung up. I can’t wait until he actually receives my letter. Fortunately for me my day could not get any worse, I laughed him off and got on with it.

I did not get to complete half of what I wanted to today, hopefully Monday I will get up to date. There is so much going on at present that I don’t seem to be able to keep my head above water, but I am loving it. I have a great job.

Off to bed now as we have another busy weekend. Thank you for reading.

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