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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..20 February 2013

This afternoon I went to our local supermarket for some milk and happened to notice a petition at the check-out asking for support to sell alcohol in supermarkets. I find the very thought of this abhorrent, do we not have enough alcohol related violence in our society, does alcohol really need to be even more accessible.

Any government with a social conscience, any business with a  social conscience, would not even consider this for a moment. But wait, it is not about having a social conscience is it, it is about money and profits, bugger the victims of crime and their families. I have said it before and I will say it gain, we should make alcohol less accessible, not put it on the shelf next to the breakfast cereal.

This brings me to another hot topic of discussion today, banning screaming children and their parents from shopping centres. Part of me would love to have a peaceful time whilst shopping, but the other part is aware of the meaning of civil liberties so I do not see how this could really be achieved. In saying that, when my children were young I regularly took all 4 to the shops and not once did they embarrass me by playing up, in fact I don’t really remember many screaming kids period. Today is a whole other matter, young parents today, and I do  not mean all just some, simply cannot control their children, and what’s more they seem to be completely oblivious to their screaming brats spoiling the shopping experience of others.

On a lighter note I have just watched the first ten minutes of the premiere episode of Mr and Mrs Murder on Channel 10, I have no intention of watching the next 50 minutes. Sometimes you can just tell that a particular television show is not your thing, and believe me that show is not my thing. Brian is welcome to watch it, he doesn’t like everything that I do, I think he would rather have a tooth pulled than watch Downton Abbey but I love that show.

Today I got my car, a 2005 Hyundai Accent serviced, one thing Brian and I have always done is look after our cars. My car has done 168,000 kilometres and it is still going  strong. This is our third Hyundai and we would definitely have a fourth, they are a great car.

Back to work tomorrow, so much to do I am not sure where to start. Goodnight from Adelaide and thank you for reading.

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