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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..21 February 2013

Today has been one of those days where my thoughts turned to the past, we were chatting at the office about days gone by and I became quite nostalgic. I remember as a child the milkman delivering milk right to your front door, the baker delivering bread, the green grocer with his van selling fruit and veg, and I remember my grandmother giving me her rent money and her rent book when the man from the South Australian Housing Trust tooted the horn on his car and all the ladies in the street trotted out dutifully to pay their rent.

Those were the days of black and white television, reel to reel tape recorders with catchy little tunes like Chewy, Chewy, and the old 78 rpm records,  I remember one of my grandmother’s favourites was Jolly Jacqueline. As kids we made mud pies and chewed on sour sobs, life was good.

Fast forward to my teens and we went to the Thebarton Town Hall to see Suzi Quatro and Garry Glitter, the Apollo Stadium to see Queen, and the Festival Theatre to see Roy Orbison, and then there was ABBA, the greatest music of all time, it just made you happy, and yes I saw them to. There was the Electric light Orchestra at AAMI Stadium, KC and the Sunshine Band at the Old Lion, and Rod Stewart at Memorial Drive. I saw ACDC with Bon Scott at the helm, the Ted Mulry Gang, Cliff Richard, the list goes on.

I wore red and black, corked platform shoes, jeans so tight I could barely sit down, and body shirts before I had a body. I had hair half way down my back and not on my back, I smoked, I tried dope, and I drank too much, but I never got into trouble with the police and I never hurt anyone. They were happy days and many of the people I shared them with are still in my life. How lucky am I?

My first job was selling encyclopaedias door to door, I was seventeen, I never sold a single set, then I moved on to circuit breakers and was mildly more successful, but I had fun and no responsibility. Before I knew it I was married with children, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Thank you for reading.


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