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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..23 February 2013

Today we went to our grandson Cody’s 10th birthday party, it was actually his birthday last weekend but his mother held his party today. When we first arrived Cody proudly showed us his room, he has a bunk bed, computer, television with DVD, quite the set up for a little boy, but then he is his mother’s only child.

His birthday cake was in the form of an Angry Bird from the on-line game, absolutely superb, the cake artist is one very talented lady. Unfortunately we did not get to stay for the cake as Brian’s back was killing him so we left early, but not before seeing two of my sons and six of the grandchildren. Cody was a bit upset we were leaving so early but I am sure he cheered up quickly with all his cousins to play with.

On the way Brian and I drove past what used to be my family home when I was married, the home my children were raised in. I have to say the house is looking pretty good, by the time my ex-wife sold it the house was looking very tired, but the new owners have spruced it up and it looks good. Bitter sweet memories of a former life.

Tonight we watched a David Attenborough documentary about Africa. This gentleman presents beautiful television with a hint of humour and he manages to catch some very poignant moments in the animal kingdom. One heart wrenching segment tonight showed the devotion between a mother elephant and her dying calf, very sad.

It has been another stinker in Adelaide today and it will be hot again tomorrow, so the only place for us will be inside under the air-conditioner. I should go and see Mum at the nursing home so we will see how I feel in the morning.

I see the NAB Cup is now on in the AFL, I think the AFL should stop this preseason competition, it is just too hot and it must take a lot out of the players.

Time for me to go to the land of nod. Goodnight and thank you for reading.

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