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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..25 February 2013

I certainly hit the ground running this morning, what a busy day indeed. Yet another new corporation came my way, this brings me to 80 and counting as I have at least another 10 in the wings pending settlement of sale. At this rate it will not take near as long to go to 5 days per week as it did to get to 4.

I heard an interesting article on the television tonight about the Victorian government proposing the installation of Alcohol Interlocks for all drivers who are picked up for driving under the influence. I applaud this idea, anything that can cut the road toll is a good thing. It really is very simple, if you drink you don’t drive, period, no exceptions.

Over the last few weeks I have received a number of missed calls from a Sydney number which I have ignored as I did not recognise it, today they finally followed up with an SMS from someone named Roy so I called back. The number turned out to be BMW in Sydney  and as I do not own a BMW I was even more curious as to why they were calling me. I explained to the receptionist who I wanted and why I was calling and that I did not own a BMW which had made me more curious. Her response, we have no-one called Roy here and if you don’t own a BMW there is no need for me to try to trace who has called you, at this point she hung up on me, so much for customer service.

Some good news today, Brian’s MRI showed he has done no further damage to his back, he has simply aggravated what we already knew about, he still has to have the spinal block on Thursday but things could be worse.

It is very muggy here tonight, the air is so still I am perspiring madly yet it is not hot. I think I will put the fan on to make it a little easier to sleep. Good night and thank you for reading.

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