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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..27 February 2013

Brian and I went to see my mother in the nursing home today, not the most joyous of events. Mum is always confused, and she just waffles about things that make no sense. Today I asked her if she knew she had a new great-grandchild on the way, and she asked who was having a baby, I told her Shane and his wife but she had no idea who Shane was.

Mum complained that she was in pain, I suspect it is just because she cannot move herself and therefore she aches when she is left in the same position for too long, the nurse confirmed this for me. She also said she would like another husband, but someone who can look after her this time. You just have to laugh as it is too sad really.

She complains because she does not see people as often as she wants and does not understand that people have other commitments, she thinks she should come first. In that respect she has not changed, Mum has always put herself first, I know it sounds harsh but it is true. I remember when my ex-wife and I first separated years ago Mum was not talking to me, and she told my sister to say she felt sorry for me but I needn’t think I could live with her again. Unfortunately I have too many stories like that.

My youngest sister Carolyn who has done the most for Mum in the last few years, was the victim of Mum’s irrational opinion today, fortunately she was not there to hear it and I will not be telling her. The blue-eyed one is the one that has treated her the worst over the years, and now out of guilt tries to be the good daughter.

Proof that bad things do happen to good people, my son Ryan and his fiancée Melissa have been doing it quite tough for a while now, and each time they get a break something else goes wrong. Just when things are looking up some scumbag steals one of their cars, they both work full-time and they both need a car. I hope this person is proud of themselves, and I hope the police catch you and throw the book at you.

I might check out YouTube for a while now. Have fun and thank you for reading.

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