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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..2 March 2013


Brian and I have just come home from a lovely meal at the Brighton Metro Hotel, all you can eat for $19.95, great selection and it didn’t taste bad either. My only criticism, it is quite a large dining room and they only had one guy working the bar and running the room, and it took forever to have our dirty plates and cutlery removed.

We went with a friend from my days at Solver/Wattyl Paints, one of the few with whom I am still in contact. Carol is always good for a laugh and a chat, we do not really have that much in common but for some reason we just click.

Earlier in the day we put Brian’s back to the test after the spinal block on Thursday, he is really going very well. We went to Bunnings, Harvey Norman, went through a couple of open inspections, and finished up walking around Harbortown before heading home.

We had not been home long when I received an SMS from Number 1 son Kane to see if we were home for a visit, shortly after he arrived with his four children and we had a nice couple of hours. Two year old Zak is quite proud of himself as he is now wearing jocks, he is a big boy. I am glad Kane was with him as he did have an accident whilst here.

Yesterday was a very busy one at the office, both Bridgette and I achieved a lot and by 9.00 last night I was nodding off on the lounge so went to bed at 9.30 and slept 12 hours. I felt much more refreshed today but my knees are starting to give me grief, it’s a bugger getting older.

Time to hang out another load of washing. Bye for now and thank you for reading.

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