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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..3 March 2013

It is safe to say I have not exactly been at one with nature this weekend. A couple of weeks ago hundreds of white cockatoos decided to call North Haven home, directly in front of our home. They really are beautiful birds, but they are also extremely noisy. Suffice to say the novelty has worn off. Bye, Bye Birdie!

To say that I have a morbid fear of lizards and snakes would be a huge understatement. Last night as I was about to go to bed I happened to look up at the ceiling above our bed and to my dismay there was a lizard. I have no idea what type of lizard, probably a skink of some description, but I was not hanging around to find out.

I slept in the spare bedroom, but not before trying everything in my arsenal to dispose of this creature, all 2 inches of it. Stop laughing, a lizard is a lizard no matter the size, and as it scurried around the cornices I tried to swipe it from the safety of the bed. I never made any claim to being a hero.

Today Brian and I spent house hopping from open inspection to open inspection. We started in Fairview Park and finished in Bridgewater, we believe in keeping our options open. We saw some lovely homes and some that were not so lovely. There was one quite quirky home in Bridgewater that we both liked but not enough yard for my racing pigeons, and no room for Brian’s dog.

Brian is back to work tomorrow after having 4 weeks off, he is quite looking forward  to it. Life can get back to normal. Goodnight from North Haven, and thank you for reading.

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