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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..5 March 2013

We found out today that my nephew and his wife who live in Queensland are expecting their third daughter, congratulations and much love to you both. I am glad it is you and not me paying for those weddings.

I have struggled all afternoon preparing for an AGM I have on Thursday, there is one Primary corporation and two Secondary corporations, I just could not get my head around it but it all finally clicked late in the afternoon, at least I hope it clicked. That is another good thing about working for these bosses, I am constantly being challenged and picking up new skills, you  can teach an old dog new tricks.

This morning I had an IGM, 60 lots, 55 proxies, no-one in attendance, and this evening I had an AGM, 3 lots, 2 proxies and no-one in attendance. This is quite annoying when you have to hang around and wait for 30 minutes just in case someone turns up, and nobody does. Real estate of any kind is a significant investment so I am constantly surprised at the lack of interest from so many owners.

Now for the royalist in me, I am pleased to hear that the Queen is recovering from a recent bout of gastroenteritis, this can be debilitating for anyone, not least of all an 86-year-old woman. It looks like it will be some time yet before Charles becomes King. I am slowly coming around to the fact that Camilla may be Queen, although I am really not very keen on her, she does not seem particularly elegant or regal.

Brian and I were quite annoyed tonight, we have realised that when we turn the sprinkler system on in the front yard not only are we watering our own lawn but also the neighbour’s lawn. We really must work out how to adjust the sprinkler heads. I must buy some snail bait as well, dozens of the slimy little critters around the controls of the sprinkler system , truly revolting.

It is great to be getting some feedback on my blog, I love to read what other people think of my almost daily rambling. Sometimes when I proof read before hitting Publish I think what a load of tripe I have written, fortunately not everyone agrees.

I hope you continue to tune in and enjoy. Thank you for reading.

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