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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..6 March 2013

Today was my day off so I caught up on all my television viewing courtesy of our recorder, My Kitchen Rules and Last Resort, tonight we start recording all over again. I had a busy day, washing, ironing, vacuuming, and I cooked a nice meal, tomorrow I can relax at the office.

Brian has been telling me for weeks that my snoring is getting worse, something like a cross between a banshee and a stuck pig. It is probably time I did something about it as I am waking up more and more through the night only to find he has moved to the spare room to try to salvage something of a good night’s sleep.

We have tried ear plugs, he has tried waking me up only to have me turn over and start all over again. I have tried to tell him that at least he knows I am still breathing, he didn’t see the funny side at all, I think he feels like smothering me. Tonight I will stay up a bit and give him the chance to fall asleep first, fingers crossed.

As you may know Brian and I have started looking at houses just to get some idea of what is available, and to decide where we would like to live. One of the all important criteria for me is to have enough room for my racing pigeons. To that end I have also started looking at loft designs, do I buy an aviary and modify it, or do I have something built to my own specifications?

A few weeks ago I found the perfect shell that would need minimal modifications so I decided to contact the supplier and get a cost, just so I know what I am up for. I got a response yesterday, $8,250, hopefully we will buy somewhere with an available shed I can modify.

That’s it from me tonight. Happy Birthday Maggie. Thank you for reading.

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