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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..13 March 2013

Today was my day off, I’m spoilt I know, a three-day week. Despite doing the washing, the ironing, the vacuuming, and raking the pine needles from the back yard, it was quite an enjoyable and relaxing day really.

I did spend some time watching YouTube videos about my beloved racing pigeons, and I also tried to source a supplier for my loft. This is actually becoming quite difficult, neither Brian nor I are what you would call a handyman so I need to buy something that is already almost exactly what I need, something that is proving to be quite impossible in Adelaide, particularly at a reasonable price.

I also caught up on my television viewing, the last two episodes of My Kitchen Rules. I was so disappointed the see the father and son team from Tasmania leave the show as they seemed to be good, honest, salt of the earth people, who never said anything nasty or disrespectful about any other team. I don’t really have a clear favourite to win right now, as long as it is not Ashlee and Sophia, they are nasty pieces of work who show no respect for anyone.

Back to work tomorrow, I am quite up to date at the moment so nothing too taxing waiting for me there, the remainder of the week should be uneventful. Time to go, I might check out YouTube again for  a few minutes. Thank you for reading.

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