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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..26 March 2013

Today is the 26th birthday of son Number 3, Blake, aka Blake “The Man” Mitchell, as he is known by the fans of High Risk Professional Wrestling. Not that I am one to talk but Blake’s lifestyle is not a conventional one, no 9-5 job, no home of his own, and currently single. What Blake does have is a most beautiful 5-year-old daughter Jade, lots of drive and ambition, and he is a wonderful entertainer.

As a father I would love nothing more than to see Blake settle down to a “normal” job, buy a house, get married maybe and expand his family. Like all parents however our children’s dreams and our dreams for our children are not always in sync.

I do not pretend to understand every decision that Blake makes, nor do I agree with every decision. Likewise I am sure that Blake has sometimes wondered what Dad is thinking, we are all different, that is what makes a family.

What I can say is that I am very proud of Blake, he is somewhat of an entrepreneur, and while he often struggles financially, he has still achieved much during his life, and I am sure there is still much to more to come. He has the respect of his peers, and the undying love of his father, I would not swap him for the world. A bit mushy I know, but if I can’t get mushy on your birthday when can I.

Maybe one day son our dreams will be in sync, all I really want is for you to be self-sufficient, and above all else to be happy. Happy Birthday Son.

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