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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..29 March 2013

Watching television today and an article came onto one of the current affairs shows about the latest “fashion” accessories for schoolchildren in the USA, bullet proof vests and bullet proof school backpacks. How terribly sad this made me feel, and how terribly ashamed gun lobbyists around the world should feel. I realise this article was not a snapshot of mainstream USA, simply some entrepreneur wanting to cash in on the fears of parents in light of the Sandy Hook and other massacres, just so horrible to think that any parent should even have to contemplate something like this.

I have written of late about the noisy white cockatoos we are currently sharing our home with, and while I have to admit it is wearing thin I was disgusted to hear the local council have had so many complaints they are considering a cull. The wild pigeon population have already been culled, in fact I have seen signage proudly advertising this service, leave the cockatoos alone, they will move on in time.

Very uninspiring television viewing this weekend, do the television channels think everyone has gone away for the weekend. Monday night everything is back to normal, but for the rest of the weekend, thanks for nothing.

It is very distressing to hear about the carnage on our roads during the first twenty-four hours of the Easter break. So many families torn apart, lives destroyed, it really does make one appreciate their family even more. We cannot take anything for granted.

Drive safely everyone and thank you for reading.

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