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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..30 April 2013

I can’t believe it is 30 April already, where has this year gone, before I know it I will be another year older which is much better than the alternative so I am not complaining.

Poor Brian has been ill for a few days which is not like him, despite his chronic back problem he is generally pretty healthy. Tomorrow is Day 5 but he will not stay home from work as he says he is too busy. My how he has changed, I can remember him using any excuse for a sickie. Anyway he is currently sleeping in the spare room, no point in us both getting sick.

Tomorrow is my day off, what to do. I have nothing recorded so I suppose I will have to read and do the washing. Thursday is Dad’s birthday, he will be 78, and as I will be working I might go and see him in the afternoon, and my eldest granddaughter Caitlin turns 10 so I will be seeing her in the evening.

Finally I am in a better mood, at last. I got something that has been bothering me off my chest today, so stupid to brood, I should have said something sooner. Maybe tonight I will be able to get a decent night’s sleep, it sounds like Brian is. 🙂

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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..29 April 2013

I am one very relieved Papa today as my big boy Cody went under a general anaesthetic today to have some teeth pulled, it was the only way they could do it. All went well but suffice to say Cody did not come out of the anaesthetic in a very good mood, kicking, screaming, and swearing apparently, quite a tantrum. The nursing staff said it was not an unusual reaction, and Cody, like all Mitchells, is not backward in venting his disapproval.

Celebrity Splash, more of a ripple really, not even Larry Emdur and Kylie Gillies can pull this one off. Pull the plug Channel 7, do the audience and the celebrities a favour. One positive, Brynne Edelsten finally found something she is good at, well better at.

Revenge, this show has me on the edge of my seat every week and tonight was no exception. Looking forward to next week.

Thoughts of a middle aged man…..28 April 2013

Today is the 34th birthday of my eldest son Kane, he has grown into a good man, a loving and hands on father, I wonder where he got that from, a devoted husband, and as always a good son. Kane is the type of man who can put his hand to anything, he is a jack of all trades, did not get that from me, and he does a mean barbecue.

Kane and Kristin have been married for seven and a half years and have four beautiful children, Caitlin, Alyssa, Jayden and Zak. As a couple and a family they have been through more than a lot of couples and have come through it. Their two sons both had rough starts in life as both were very premature, then there was Caitlin’s terrible illness about which I have written previously, and Alyssa, well Alyssa just spent the first six months of her life screaming.

I am very proud of Kane and I know that his three younger brothers all look up to him. A very happy birthday son, I love you very much.

Tonight was the grand final of My Kitchen Rules, congratulations to Dan and Steph. Jake and Elle were the other finalists and they did themselves and their parents proud. I did not like these two kids to start as they seemed a bit full of themselves, but they have grown during this competition and they are a credit to themselves and their family, they are amazing cooks, and the genuine warmth they felt towards Dan and Steph and the dignity they showed in defeat were commendable. They to would have been worthy winnners, and so young, what wonderful futures they have to look forward to.

Unfortunately my Sunday was on a par with the rest of my weekend but you get that, back to work tomorrow.

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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..27 April 2013

Despite having seen all my grandchildren this weekend, and three of my sons, I cannot shake this feeling of gloom, I am so damn angry I just want to scream. To top my weekend off the Adelaide Crows lost against Carlton today, and the icing on the cake was Port Power beating West Coast, bugger!

On Wednesday my eldest granddaughter Caitlin will be 10, so today we took her out for lunch and shopping for her birthday present. She got a lot for her money and seemed very happy. We took her to three different shops and she got what I call a woollen dress but she says it is a long jumper, whatever makes her happy, and a woollen scarf. As she is One Direction crazy she bought a One Direction glittery baseball cap, and 5 pairs of leggins. Hop into Target at Elizabeth for a bargain, three of her leggins were marked down from $8 each to 83 cents each, ridiculous.

After we took Caitlin home we called in to see Ryan and Melissa and their three children as they moved house last weekend and I was yet to see the house. The house is smaller than their last one but much nicer.

Cody showed me how well he has progressed with his writing and spelling, I am very proud as he has had his fair share of difficulty during his life so it is great to see him making so much progress. I am very grateful to his speech pathologist and his occupational therapist, if only he had started sooner. Cody also got a clean bill of health from his cardiologist recently so I am very happy.

Now wouldn’t you think with all that I could lighten my mood, not this weekend, I am really looking forward to tomorrow, not!

Thoughts of a middle aged man…..26 April 2013

Today has not been a very good day, everything that could go wrong did, everyone who could possibly crap me off did. Sometimes it just does not pay to try to help people, in this case it was a client of my fellow strata manager and while it all worked out in the end it was a long road to get there. My glass is definitely half empty today, I just can’t see the good in it.

I was given a new group today, one we are taking over from another company, I will be meeting with them next week to discuss the state of play. On the flip side I may be losing a group next week, the jury is out until Monday, our choice not theirs.

The only ray of sunshine today was a nice visit and a pleasant meal with my third son Blake and his daughter Jade, but then they went home and it was back to my thoughts of the day that was.

Never mind, tomorrow is another day, but with the mood I am in, well let’s hope things look brighter in the morning. Do not crap me off again.

Thoughts of a middle aged man…..25 April 2013

Like many others I have watched with interest as our nation celebrates ANZAC Day, and remembers those not only who gave their lives, but those who were injured either physically or psychologically, and those who still serve today.

I learnt some things I did not know about our history. I did not know that Bondi and Rose Bay were bombed by a Japanese submarine, fortunately no-one was killed. I did not know that Darwin was bombed as often as it was, nor that so many were killed on our home soil. Why were we not taught this at school?

Many years ago I worked with a former digger who served in Darwin. I am unsure about now, but in those days returned servicemen could retire at 60, something my work-mate had planned for and looked forward to, only to be told as the time approached that as he did not serve overseas he was not entitled to early retirement. Granted he did not see service overseas, but he was a Digger serving to protect Australia from a possible invasion, he was away from his family and should have had the same rights as any other retired servicemen.

As I wrote a few weeks ago this story goes on even today as medical personnel who have served in theatres of war are not entitled to the same privileges as servicemen, what an absolute disgrace. How many of them died in overseas conflicts? Does anyone remember the nurses that were forced to walk into the sea on Banka Island and were machine gunned in the back, one of our greatest heroines Vivian Bullwinkel was lucky to survive.

It has been almost 68 years since World War 2 ended, those that lived through it will never forget it, those of my generation are thankful we have not experienced such horror, and even more thankful that our children and grandchildren have been spared.

I did not attend a dawn service today, I never have, but that does not mean that I did not stop to remember just what today is all about.

Thoughts of a middle aged man…..24 April 2013

Today has been very uneventful, quite boring really. I spent my day off washing, watching television, and that is pretty much that, although I did some ironing as well. I need a good book I can sink my teeth into.

Brian is downstairs watching Mr and Mrs Murder, and as I would rather have a tooth pulled than watch that I am upstairs. But I am bored, nothing much on Facebook tonight, nothing interesting to write about, I am just bored. Perhaps I will play Mahjong.

No point in boring you as well. Goodnight and thank you for reading.

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