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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..3 April 2013

I heard today that doctors and nurses who served overseas during time of war are not entitled to the same benefits as returned military servicemen, what an absolute disgrace. Some of these doctors and nurses also lost their lives serving their country, they were overseas in the line of fire and away from their families, they should have exactly the same rights as anyone else that has served their county.

Those who are withholding that right, and we cannot blame only the current government, should hang their heads in shame. How many of our diggers would not have returned home to their families had it not been for these angels of mercy, think about it.

There was also another very disturbing article on The Project tonight, British parents who set fire to their home burning their six children to death, is there anything more abhorrent. To make matters even worse their intention was to frame someone else for the crime, these people are worse than animals.

On a lighter note today was my day off, and what a nice relaxing day it has been. I caught up on My Kitchen Rules, did the washing and ironing, and that was about it. It would not be a day off without a Papa nap and a little YouTube about my favourite subject, racing pigeons.  Such a hard life. Goodnight and thank you for reading.

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