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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..9 April 2013

Love her or hate her you had to respect her, I’m talking about former British Prime Minister Baroness Thatcher. I was disgusted to see the revelry on the streets in Great Britain as news of her passing spread, she left her mark on the world and will never be forgotten. The same cannot be said for Julia Gillard, if only we could forget her.

I was thinking today just how annoying it is that whenever you change internet provider you are forced to change your email address. Is there a solution, I think so. A single national format for all email addresses, your email address would be a combination of your name and your date of both, and instead of @bigpond or @iinet or @chariot, all email addresses would be @australia. The internet providers should not mind, they would continue to get their dollar.

What about people who change their name I hear you ask, well you cannot please everyone all of the time, they would still need to change their email address to reflect their new surname. What about businesses I hear you ask, most of them should already have that  licked, @theirbusinessname. For any business that is not quite up with 21st Century technology, I say get your act together, all businesses should now be using email as a tool of their business, I do not trust any business with a generic account such as @hotmail or at yahoo.

This brings me to junk mail, I hate junk mail, the man who delivers ours has worked his way around the “No Junk Mail” letterbox stickers, he rolls the junk mail up and throws a bundle on your garden, just like the man who delivers your newspaper.

In my opinion, and in light of the fact that we are depleting our timber supplies and destroying our rainforests, and most of take scant notice of our junk mail anyway, I would like to put a ban on it. For those who do care how do they get their junk mail fix, via email naturally, you do not need it in hard copy form. Electronic junk mail would be better for the planet and cheaper for the businesses involved.

That’s my opinion. Goodnight and thank you for reading.

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