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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..11 April 2013

Would somebody please tell me why the presenters of infomercials have to raise their voices, is their anything on television more annoying. There is in fact something more annoying, why oh why are all the infomercial endorsements from the USA? I have nothing against our American friends, but doesn’t anybody in Australia buy your products, I would much rather hear an endorsement from an Aussie, after all you are advertising on Australian television.

Today I had an AGM with one of my retirement villages that just happens to be a community corporation, very poor attendance. The good news is those who were there loved me and I was commended on my professionalism, very good for the ego.

The next couple of weeks will be a bit quieter, at this stage I do not have another AGM until 23 April but after that it will be full on again. Not that I have any shortage of things to do, we have some ideas to pick up a lot of new business so that should keep me busy.

I have been banished upstairs early tonight while Brian watches Mrs Brown’s Boys, am I the only one in Australia that thinks this show is a load of tripe. As long as he is happy, I get to watch my fair share of the shows I like so he can have Mrs Brown and her boys, and while he is at it he can have those idiots on Top Gear as well.

I am looking forward to the AFL game between Port Power and the Adelaide Crows on Sunday, go the Mighty Crows. Brian will be going out and leaving me to my own devices so I can cheer and jeer as much as I like.

That’s all from me tonight, thank you for reading.

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