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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..14 April 2013


The Block All Stars, long gone, The Last Resort, finished, Downton Abbey, season final next Sunday, My Kitchen Rules, just a couple of weeks left, Revenge, almost done, what am I supposed to watch? There is absolutely nothing else that has my interest. Where is Dancing With The Stars, Squizzy – Underbelly? I know there is another series of The Block to come, House Rules might be OK, Celebrity Splash and Celebrity Apprentice, I don’t think so. I shall have to find a hobby and a few good books to read while I wait for Big Brother.

What has happened to my Mighty Crows, the Crows of 2012, they seem to have slipped back. I know it is only Round 3 and there is a long way to go, but if you don’t put your games faces on boys it will be one very long season. Come on boys, lift your game. Next victim, the Western Bulldogs.

I hear on the news today that Australia’s Cardinal Pell has been appointed by Pope Francis to sit on a new Vatican panel to bring “better discipline” to the church and avoid “Vatileaks” type scandals. I am no expert on the church and theology, but I would have thought Cardinal Pell should sort the problems with the Australian branch of the Catholic Church first, or has the Royal Commission slipped his mind.

Nothing more to say tonight. Thank you for reading.

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