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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..16 April 2013

Yet another senseless slaughter of innocents, this time in Boston. A child among the dead, his mother injured, his sister lost a leg. What is it that induces a fellow human being to inflict such horror on others? The graphic pictures that hit our television screens today, too terrible to imagine, like something out of a movie.

Let us not forget that on the other side of the world in Baghdad this is an everyday occurrence, dozens are maimed and slaughtered on a regular basis, this is an everyday fact of life for the people of Iraq. When will we learn, when will give up the lust for murder.

It really does make you think, we should not be surprised that refugees from around the world want to come and live in Australia. Perhaps a little more empathy for our fellow human beings might not go astray.

What will tomorrow bring. Tomorrow will be the funeral of Baroness Thatcher in London, and what can we expect, protests, people turning their back on her coffin as it passes in procession, I only hope there is no violence. People of London, look to Boston, look to Baghdad, look to Afghanistan, is it really worth it.

Goodnight and thank you for reading.

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