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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..20 April 2013

We have just arrived home from a great night out at Danyel and Scott’s. It was Danyel’s birthday and her teenage children cooked a three course dinner, it was delicious, she should be very proud. We always have a good night with Danyel and Scott, and each time we are invited we meet new people, always very nice.

Danyel and Scott have an eight month old daughter Lily, who has taken quite a shine to me, it must be my grandfatherly disposition, she just snuggles in and is quite happy. For some reason I have always had a soothing affect on babies, and not just my own.

Earlier in the day we visited Mum at the nursing home, she was feeling sorry for herself again and playing games which really irritates me. Mum never asks how my children or grandchildren are, all she wants to do is complain about how hard done by she is, it is becoming quite tiresome.

Brian is sound asleep, his back has given him hell today so I hope he feels better in the morning as it is his birthday, he will be 47.

We have a busy day tomorrow so its time to get some sleep. Goodnight and thank you for reading.

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