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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..21 April 2013


Brian turned 47 today, I think he has had a nice day. We had lunch at Plant 13 in Bowden, we have not had lunch there before only breakfast so we were quite disappointed to see the exact same menu.

I had a Pork Bun which was quite nice although it was a very small serve, not at all what I expected and therefore I thought it was over priced. We will go there again for breakfast but definitely not for lunch.

I had wine with lunch which is not like me at all, I usually have a brandy and coke or a light beer, but this wine was very nice. I have never been one for wine but just lately I have tried a number that I quite enjoyed, my palate must be changing.

My Kitchen Rules is now its final week, I am so pleased those nasty girls Ashlee and Sophia are finally out of the competition for good. I do have a conundrum though in that of all the teams still in the competition there is not one that I don’t like.

To make matters worse the final episode of Downton Abbey Season 3 aired tonight so my Sunday nights are looking a little bleak. I did not see the death of Matthew Crawley coming, the actor who portrayed him played an excellent role.

Win number 2 for the Adelaide Crows against the Western Bulldogs this afternoon, and what a win it was. Finally a glimpse of the Crows that played so well in 2012. You have a couple of big tests in the coming weeks boys, do not let the fans or yourselves down.

Happy Birthday to my wonderful partner Brian. Goodnight and thank you for reading.


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