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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..26 April 2013

Today has not been a very good day, everything that could go wrong did, everyone who could possibly crap me off did. Sometimes it just does not pay to try to help people, in this case it was a client of my fellow strata manager and while it all worked out in the end it was a long road to get there. My glass is definitely half empty today, I just can’t see the good in it.

I was given a new group today, one we are taking over from another company, I will be meeting with them next week to discuss the state of play. On the flip side I may be losing a group next week, the jury is out until Monday, our choice not theirs.

The only ray of sunshine today was a nice visit and a pleasant meal with my third son Blake and his daughter Jade, but then they went home and it was back to my thoughts of the day that was.

Never mind, tomorrow is another day, but with the mood I am in, well let’s hope things look brighter in the morning. Do not crap me off again.

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