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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..27 April 2013

Despite having seen all my grandchildren this weekend, and three of my sons, I cannot shake this feeling of gloom, I am so damn angry I just want to scream. To top my weekend off the Adelaide Crows lost against Carlton today, and the icing on the cake was Port Power beating West Coast, bugger!

On Wednesday my eldest granddaughter Caitlin will be 10, so today we took her out for lunch and shopping for her birthday present. She got a lot for her money and seemed very happy. We took her to three different shops and she got what I call a woollen dress but she says it is a long jumper, whatever makes her happy, and a woollen scarf. As she is One Direction crazy she bought a One Direction glittery baseball cap, and 5 pairs of leggins. Hop into Target at Elizabeth for a bargain, three of her leggins were marked down from $8 each to 83 cents each, ridiculous.

After we took Caitlin home we called in to see Ryan and Melissa and their three children as they moved house last weekend and I was yet to see the house. The house is smaller than their last one but much nicer.

Cody showed me how well he has progressed with his writing and spelling, I am very proud as he has had his fair share of difficulty during his life so it is great to see him making so much progress. I am very grateful to his speech pathologist and his occupational therapist, if only he had started sooner. Cody also got a clean bill of health from his cardiologist recently so I am very happy.

Now wouldn’t you think with all that I could lighten my mood, not this weekend, I am really looking forward to tomorrow, not!

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