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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..28 April 2013

Today is the 34th birthday of my eldest son Kane, he has grown into a good man, a loving and hands on father, I wonder where he got that from, a devoted husband, and as always a good son. Kane is the type of man who can put his hand to anything, he is a jack of all trades, did not get that from me, and he does a mean barbecue.

Kane and Kristin have been married for seven and a half years and have four beautiful children, Caitlin, Alyssa, Jayden and Zak. As a couple and a family they have been through more than a lot of couples and have come through it. Their two sons both had rough starts in life as both were very premature, then there was Caitlin’s terrible illness about which I have written previously, and Alyssa, well Alyssa just spent the first six months of her life screaming.

I am very proud of Kane and I know that his three younger brothers all look up to him. A very happy birthday son, I love you very much.

Tonight was the grand final of My Kitchen Rules, congratulations to Dan and Steph. Jake and Elle were the other finalists and they did themselves and their parents proud. I did not like these two kids to start as they seemed a bit full of themselves, but they have grown during this competition and they are a credit to themselves and their family, they are amazing cooks, and the genuine warmth they felt towards Dan and Steph and the dignity they showed in defeat were commendable. They to would have been worthy winnners, and so young, what wonderful futures they have to look forward to.

Unfortunately my Sunday was on a par with the rest of my weekend but you get that, back to work tomorrow.

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