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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..3 May 2013

Today is my mother’s 78th birthday, that’s right she is one day younger than my father. As I worked today we will be visiting Mum in the nursing home tomorrow, I hope the flowers I ordered arrived.

On Sunday my siblings are holding an afternoon tea for Mum at the nursing home, very close friends and family. Unfortunately Brian and I will not be attending because two of my three siblings make things so unpleasant when we are around, and somehow they come out smelling like roses and I am made out to be the bad guy. Most times Brian and I do not get invited to family functions because of this, nobody wants to upset the others but it is perfectly fine to hurt my feelings. The only invitations we get is when the others cannot make it, so guess what, if we are not good enough to be invited every time we will not come at all.

Mum and I have never been particularly close and she never showed any interest in my children or my grandchildren, consequently none of them ever visit her and they will not be there on Sunday either as they are never invited. It is a shame that we have such a dysfunctional family, but you get that. The main thing is that Brian and I are close with my children and grandchildren.

Mum and Dad divorced when I was about 7, I am now 54, and I am the eldest child. Dad went on to marry my stepmother Joy who is now gravely ill with Alzheimer’s, while Mum never remarried, Dad was her second husband, but she eventually met the love of her life who died twelve years ago.

Mum has been in the nursing home for about 5 years now and really has no quality of life. Other than the fact that she is getting more and more crotchety, and dementia is taking its toll, she seems for the most part to have accepted her lot in life.

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