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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..11 May 2013

What a busy couple of days I have had, lots to talk about. I am absolutely pooped after a very busy week, I actually just woke up after a snooze on the lounge.

Last night Brian and I caught up with friends for dinner, Vietnamese cuisine at the My Tho City restaurant. This was our first time eating Vietnamese and I was not overly impressed, and the service was terrible. We were only offered one round of drinks all night, each course that was brought out was incorrect, and we could not understand a word any of the staff said. I do not expect perfect English in a Vietnamese restaurant, but I do expect to at least be able to understand them. The only drink Brian had all night was a coke that was as flat as a tack.

Probably a perfect way to end what would have been my 33rd wedding anniversary, but that was a whole other life and a whole other story, much too involved for tonight. One day I will start the series, or should I say soap opera, that was my life. Brian and I have been together twelve years this year and I would not change a thing, well maybe some things.

This morning we were up and out early as Kane and Kristin had a wedding to attend so we took Jayden and Alyssa to soccer, they lost again, 2 zip. Alyssa was just not in the mood today, she did not want to play but without her they would have had to forfeit. Jayden was full pelt again, absolutely stuffed when he came off.

I see tonight’s poll on ninemsn, “Do you think Australia should become a republic?”. Now everyone knows I am a staunch monarchist, but that aside, if it aint broke don’t fix it, and it aint broke. How much would it cost for this great country to actually become a republic, and what real difference would it make. If you take emotions out of it and just use common sense you wouldn’t change a thing.

While on this subject I read the other day that Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall will become Princess Consort and not Queen once Prince Charles ascends the throne. I was as enamoured of Princess Diana as the rest of the world was but she has been gone for a long time, if Camilla becomes Queen that would not sully Diana’s memory, she would be the wife of the King so she should be Queen. Camilla works hard and supports Charles well, they seem to be a good match.

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