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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..13 May 2013

It is just as well that I love my job, days like today just do my head in. People complaining about things they do not understand, people who think they can go through life on a free ride, and some people who are just belligerent. Needless to say I had a crappy day but tomorrow will be better. I also got a new group of 10, another IGM to arrange.

You know what is really getting on my goat, cold phone calls from idiots telling me there is something wrong with my computer, right now, even though it may not even be on. My Dad gets these same calls and he has never owned a computer in his life.

Tonight we get some woman on the phone doing a survey, most unlike Brian he decided to go with the flow as she was asking quite generic questions, nothing to intrusive…..at first. When he advised her he was no longer comfortable with her line of questioning, no apologies, no goodbyes, she just hung up on him, and for once he was being pleasant.

Revenge, just when you think this show must have exhausted all avenues there is a gigantic twist in the storyline. I am not tired of this show yet, it sucks me in every week. The same cannot be said for The Block Sky High, not sure how I feel about this one yet, and not even sure if I will give House Rules a look, I am tired of the ads. Speaking of ads, even the ads for The Voice are too much, Delta Goodrem is just too over the top, she used to be so down to earth, get rid of her.

That’s me for another night. Goodnight and thank you for reading.

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