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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..14 May 2013

I don’t know why I am so tired all the time, tomorrow is my day off so perhaps I can catch up on some sleep. Not that I really have a lot of trouble sleeping, most nights I am asleep before my head hits the pillow, and it is usually only my bladder that wakes me up, then I am straight back to sleep. Maybe like everything else in life it is quality and not quantity that matters.

I had a really very busy day at work today, I was flat-out like a lizard drinking. Thursday and Friday will be more of the same, it is a good feeling to know you have earnt your money at the end of the week.

Graham’s Goodies has never really taken off, I am seriously considering closing it down as of 30 June as I am just throwing away good money after bad. It has not cost me a fortune but that is not the point, I barely make any sales so I am getting virtually no return on my money. It is just too hard to make a buck on the internet, even with the Amazon name behind you. There would have to be a dramatic turnaround in sales, correction, there would have to be some sales for me to continue.

That is enough whining for one night. Goodnight and thank you for reading.

Umbrella for Kids, 28″ diameter umbrella when open with 23″ hook end handle, now at Graham’s Goodies http://grahamsgoodies.net/.

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