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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..15 May 2013

Today was my day off which is just as well as I have had a dull headache all day, Paracetamol has not touched it, so I have felt quite lethargic for most of the day. I still managed to do all the washing and some ironing so the day has not been a complete loss.

I did go out late in the afternoon as I needed a prescription, just my luck they were out of the drug I needed so they have ordered it in for tomorrow, just as well I did not wait until I was completely out.

I also watched a show called Nazi Hunters, it is amazing when you think how many former Nazis escaped never to pay for their crimes. Those who do still get captured are now that old it is hardly worth it, and as the death penalty is now largely not used they still escape with their lives, unlike their holocaust victims.

The white cockatoos are back, this time they are congregating around the dry dock of the yacht club, just as noisy as they were the last time. I suppose the yachties will be crying for their blood again. The feral pigeon population has almost been wiped out here, what next?

Not much on television tonight, Brian is downstairs watching Mr and Mrs Murder and I might go to bed and try to sleep off this headache. Bye for now and thank you for reading.

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