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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..24 May 2013

That was the end of a very busy week, next week will be even bigger. Today was quite productive, I had big plans and I managed to pull most of it off, should be no trouble at all catching up next week.

I had quite a good day today as well, I managed to shake off yesterday’s dark mood, that is until this nasty little man called me late in the afternoon making all sorts of horrible and unfounded accusations. I think some people get their jollies by making other people feel like crap, he certainly did.

I hate that I let insignificant people like this get into my head and under my skin. I wish I could have just told him to get nicked but he is a client so you have to maintain a certain protocol.

Tonight my son Ryan and grandson Cody called in for a while, Cody is getting so big. He was quite proud of himself as he can now open our overhead cupboards, he also taught Uncle Brian a thing or two about his Notepad.

Time for me to go to bed as we have a very busy weekend ahead and I am bushed. Goodnight and thank you for reading.

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