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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..28 May 2013

Today I had probably the worst day I have had since starting my job 11 months ago. I had a very nasty woman call me and take all her angst out on me, I hope it made her feel better because it made me feel like crap. Where do people get off treating people like that, I did nothing to deserve what this woman said, I really hope karma bites her in the bum. When I think about it the whole thing is really quite a joke. I decided to try something different, to offer my clients that little bit extra, and this woman’s corporation was the first.

I decided that prior to sending out meeting notices I would email any owner I have an email address for to see if they have any agenda items for their annual general meeting, usually we would only contact the Presiding Officer but in my wisdom I thought why not ask everyone I can. I did not want to send out letters to all as that would only incur additional cost to the corporation so I thought email was the best way to go. I also thought that once my clients found out what I was doing they may be more inclined to provide us with an email address, and who knows one day we may be able to email all correspondence and levies. Welcome to the 21st century!

Anyway this particular woman took offence and called me to say I was being discriminatory towards people who do not have email addresses, and threatened me with legal action. I cannot write what I felt like saying to her.

Let it go Graham, turn the other cheek, she is not worth the effort.

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