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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..31 May 2013


It’s the last day of Autumn and it has been bucketing down all night here in North Haven, not that I am complaining, it is better to have a little too much rain than not enough. Winter tomorrow, lets hope Mother Nature fills up our reservoirs for the Summer.

I am glad to see this week over, what a bummer of a week it has been. How did my working week finish, two new corporations for me to manage, that is three new ones for the week. Surely with these I will have to go to five days, what a shock to my system that will be until I get used to it. That means my weekends will be busier as well, as all the things I have been doing on my Wednesday off will then have to fit into my weekend as well.

My 10-year-old grandson Cody is finally asleep in the next room. I love this little boy more than life as I do all my grandchildren, and over the years due to circumstances Cody has spent more time with us than any of the others, and yet for some strange reason he no longer enjoys staying overnight. He gets all excited at the thought but once he is here he just cries for his mother and wants to go home, I never thought I would get him to settle tonight. Mind you I had to promise to sleep with him so Papa will not get much sleep tonight.

Cody did enjoy making pancakes for dinner and then we sat down to watch A Bug’s Life. These computer animated kids movies are truly amazing, at times they can appear so lifelike, the technology is wonderful.

You know what else is amazing, it is amazing that I am still functioning I am so tired. Goodnight and thank you for reading.


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