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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..1 June 2013

The first day of Winter 2013 and what a wild and wooly day it has been, it has rained virtually all day. Tonight I had planned to go and watch my son Blake at High Risk Pro Wrestling but I have had a cough and an earache and decided going out in the cold and wet was not the smartest thing to do. Sorry Son.

This morning I didn’t feel so bad so Brian and I went to see Mum in the nursing home, she was quite chatty and did not look too bad but she said she did not feel the best and after a half hour she asked us to leave, most unusual. She asked that I send in a nurse as I was leaving which I did, that is when I found out she has another urinary tract infection.

As I said last night my grandson Cody slept over last night and I did not get much sleep, I never do when any of the grandchildren stay as I seem to be on the alert should they wake up. Cody woke me up about 8.00 this morning with a hug and a kiss so we got up and I made his breakfast. Whilst I was making breakfast I sent Cody upstairs to wake Brian up and we all proceeded to eat our breakfast together. A few minutes later Brian and Cody were sharing the same lounge and Cody proceeded to pass wind in Brian’s direction and then fan it over. Cody and I wet ourselves laughing, Brian could see the funny side but was not overly amused. What can I say, 10-year-old boys will be 10-year-old boys.

After breakfast I ran Cody a bubble bath and as he does not like to be upstairs by himself he told me to stay whilst he had his bath. I always keep a plastic cup in the bathroom which I use to wet the kids hair when I wash it, and they usually make a bit of a splash with it, anyway a couple of minutes into his bath Cody stood up and filled the cup with bath water and splashed his backside. After he did this a couple of times I asked what he was doing, “washing my bum” was the reply I got, “Charming I said, what will I do with you, “Sell me on Ebay” was his reply. 🙂

After Cody’s mother picked him up and we had seen Mum we called into Kane’s to see his 4 children, that is when I really began to feel off colour so after a quick cup of tea it was home to a warm house and my blanket to settle down and watch the football. I am sorry to say the Crows lost, but you can’t win them all unfortunately.

I am starting to feel a chill again so time for me to go to bed. Goodnight and thank you for reading.

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