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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..7 June 2013

That was a waste of a Friday night, the heater is on and I settle down to a night of television with Brian and what do I do, I fall asleep for two hours and wake up with a sore neck. This is what my life has come to, asleep on the lounge at 8.00 on a Friday night, how the mighty have fallen, or am I just getting old.

We have a very busy weekend ahead, lunch at my son Blake’s tomorrow, this will be the first time he has ever cooked me a meal, he is 26. Dinner tomorrow night with friends and then off to Clayton Bay on Sunday. Monday will be a day of rest, or should I say washing and housework.

The week that has been, a very busy week as usual, but not particularly memorable. It was not a bad week, just dull and uninteresting, I suppose you can’t have excitement every week, too much at my age anyway.

Next week will be a busy one as it is a short week, we have a public holiday on Monday for the Queen’s birthday. On the subject of the Queen brings me to Prince Phillip who is again in hospital, it is such a shame that the Queen and her husband who have worked so tirelessly for their entire lives can’t just take some time to smell the roses, no-one would blame them. They could take a back-seat, she can still be Queen, let Charles and Camilla take up the role of monarch and consort to help pave the way for his eventual accession to the throne.

I heard on the radio this morning that the redeveloped Adelaide Oval will not be used for a cricket test match until 2015, not that I really give a fig about cricket, but was that not one reason given for the multi-million dollar redevelopment. I think Cricket Australia should give the South Australian public that do care about cricket, and I believe there are many of them, they breed you know, some bang for their buck.

Enough from me for tonight. Goodnight and thank you for reading.

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