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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..10 June 2013


What a glorious day it is here in Adelaide today, the sun is shining, there is no breeze, all very calm and spring-like, not like winter at all. All the washing is on the line, time for a spot of writing as I was too tired last night.

Yesterday we picked up Brian’s mother and drove down to Clayton Bay to visit good friends Marg and Mary. We stopped at a bakery in Strathalbyn for a bite of lunch where we ran into another Mary from the Bay , and then on to Clayton Bay. Although a number of people we knew during our time there have now passed on nothing much else has changed.

Despite being stricken with Parkinson’s Disease Mary was very upbeat, she is quite stoic and has never lost her sense of humour. Marg is her rock, Marg has been everyone’s rock, they are two very special ladies.

We had intended to catch up with two other friends as well, Jan and Harvey, but Brian’s back was sore so we headed home though Milang and Langhorne Creek arriving home about 6.15, before a quick bite and then settled down to a night of television, and I promptly fell asleep.

Today is a public holiday in South Australia and neither of us have done very much at all, nor do we intend to. I have been contemplating the fate of Graham’s Goodies, my on-line shopping site which has never set the world on fire despite being an affiliate of Amazon. I seem to be throwing away good money after bad, I think you need to spend big money on advertising to make any real profit, something I was not told when I signed on, I think someone saw a mug coming and I was it.

I think I have decided to shut the site down, it seems that Graham and the internet are not a good match. I have tried selling my record collection on-line as well, I have tried eBay and Gumtree, time to give up I think. At least I still have my blog.


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