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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..15 June 2013

It’s been a couple of days now but I’m back. I have had a really busy week and have been in bed early, no energy, and too tired to write, too tired to write anything coherent and remotely interesting anyway. Let’s see if I can make up for lost time.

My grandson Jayden turned 6 on Thursday, he is a beautiful little boy. Jayden was born 10 weeks premature but you would not know it to see him now, so much life in him, so vibrant, and a wonderful personality. We are off to see him for a birthday lunch tomorrow and should be very popular grandparents as we have the remote control helicopter he asked for. It took some searching but we have it.

This afternoon I will spend huddled in front of the television watching the Adelaide Crows trounce the Richmond Tigers, at least I hope they will trounce them and not the other way around. Come on boys show us some form and do yourselves proud, it is not too late to turn the season around.

Tonight Brian and I are babysitting two of Ryan’s children, Bailey and Calais. Bailey is 13 next month so no trouble at all, but Miss Calais, she is not yet 2 and is quite a liveware. I think Papa and Uncle Brian will be pooped when they get home tonight.

Last night I happened to mention to Brian that I had emailed one of my clients who lives in China, ands he posed an interesting question. When you email someone in a foreign speaking land, what language do they view the email in, is it English or the default language of their computer? If anyone knows I would be interested to hear.

Time to make lunch and settle down to an afternoon of AFL. Bye for now and thank you for reading.

Pigeon Racing: The Queen’s Wings – DVD now available at Graham’s Goodies http://grahamsgoodies.net/. See the Queen’s racing pigeons in the Royal loft at Sandringham.

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