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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..18 June 2013

There is much talk at the moment about lifting the legal age for the service of alcohol to 21, as a father and grandfather I am all for this. My grandchildren are all still quite young but the thought of them binge drinking on alcohol in just a few years is frightening. It is not just them you have to worry about, it is all the other young people out there as well, you can instill the best of values in your children, but you have no control over others.

Alcohol is already available too freely, and now in South Australia they want to make it available in the supermarket. I say we should make alcohol less accessible, restrict the hours it can be sold, restrict the opening times for pubs and clubs. I also happen to be a former publican and I know this will hit the pubs and clubs hard but human life is more important.

For those who do offend, whether that be drink driving or any other alcohol related violence, make them face their victims, their families, send them to trauma centres, let them see what happens to a life because they could not control themselves.

I hear some say the young will get their kicks elsewhere, namely drugs, I suppose we cannot protect them from everything but we could start with more education in schools. While they may find it distressing use graphic images to emphasise the message, I don’t care if it upsets them, better that than destroying more lives.

That’s my opinion. Good night and thank you for reading.

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