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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..23 June 2013

Another cold and wintry day here in Adelaide and the house looks like a laundromat. The best place to be today is curled up in front of the heater with a good book, which is exactly what I have been doing for most of the day.

Brian and I did venture out for a while to see a house Brian thought might be suitable for us, it was suitable for us and at least twenty other couples, I have never seen so many people in the one house. Before we left Brian heard someone make a cash offer so it was a waste of time, the house did have possibilities though.

Last night we had a pleasant visit with Ryan and Melissa and two of their children, Cody and Calais. Ryan and I went and bought chicken, chips and salad for tea and they stayed until the kids got tired. Calais is a tad on the bossy side with her brothers, she certainly has them wrapped around her little finger, quite cute really.

Very sad to hear that another Australian Digger has been killed in Afghanistan, and two more injured. My heart goes out to the family and friends of yet another hero lost trying to make this world a safer place, when will it end.

I know our troops are in Afghanistan for the noblest of reasons, but you have to wonder what will happen when we withdraw. Can the Afghan people continue the fight for freedom without our help? I look to Iraq, yes a tyrant was toppled, but there is still unrest and people are dying every day from bombings and civil unrest, do we only do half a job?

It is easy for me to speak, I have been fortunate enough that not only myself but also my children have had a choice, we chose not to serve in the military, fortunately many others do, and I commend each and every one for making that choice. I deplore the loss of lives no matter the nationality, but I have to question whether the government is really doing the right thing by withdrawing, certainly from the perspective of the loss of Australian lives they have it right. Thank you for reading.

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