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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..24 June 2013

Every Monday morning I log on at work to a barrage of emails from clients, par for the course, but there is always one who gets nasty, who gets personal, and there is just no need for it. Why people cannot be polite and civilised I have no idea, good manners cost nothing, as I hope they realise when they receive my extremely professional response. Little do they realise that sometimes, when I am feeling a bit down, I cannot help but take their barrage personally. It is very tempting to respond in kind, but I believe in karma.

I did not get a very good night’s sleep last night, horrible dreams. Wouldn’t it be fascinating to know just where these dreams come from, how can anyone conjure up the rubbish that comes in my sleep. It is probably quite fortunate that I do not remember all my dreams, and some of them seem so real, I can almost taste the experience, feel every moment of what I am dreaming.

I have just watched the season finale of Revenge, what a cliffhanger. Declan is dead but Charlotte doesn’t know it, Jack was about to shoot Conrad but then Emily admitted she is Amanda, Daniel has blood on his shirt but is it his or Aiden‘s, and Victoria’s long-lost son Patrick had just returned, and wait for it, Nolan has been arrested for terrorism. It will be a long few months waiting for the next series, bugger!

Brian is downstairs watching some show about horrible plastic surgery makeovers, not my cup of tea, some of these people look truly revolting. How can they think that what they are doing is enhancing their looks, do they not have mirrors, did they not pay their electricity bill, do they not have one friend to say enough is enough. How can the plastic surgeons let this happen, do they have no integrity, is it really just all about the money.

That’s me for tonight. Goodnight and thank you for reading.

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