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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..29 June 2013

Today I made the decision to shut down the Graham’s Goodies website, this has been one big waste of time, money, and effort. Someone, somewhere has been making money out of me but I have seen nothing in return. I cannot say that I recommend anyone in Australia become an Amazon affiliate, not unless you have more financial resources than I do for advertising.

On the bright side at least the Adelaide Crows had a good win today, it has been a long time coming. It is not yet too late to turn their season around, but it will take a concerted effort for the remainder of the season. I feel for Brent Reilly with what may be a season ending injury.

Bugger, Port Power won their game as well, they beat Collingwood, what is wrong with the world. Come on Crows, you are supposed to be on top of Port Power, this situation cannot be allowed to continue, onwards and upwards.

Tonight I watched rather an odd movie starring David Wenham, it was called Pope Joan, apparently about the only woman ever to become Pope, as she was pretending to be a man. It was during the Middle Ages and is believed to be a true story, this may be why all Popes must now be confirmed as male by checking genitalia. Is this myth or fact, if anyone can tell me please do.

It is far too quiet around here, I am quite looking forward to Brian coming home but don’t tell him, he will get a big head. If you read this Dear it is not an excuse for any loud behaviour when you come home 🙂

Goodnight all and thank you for reading.

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