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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..3 July 2013

Yesterday was a bit ordinary, I woke up as usual, which is much better than the alternative if you get my drift, and proceeded to go downstairs for breakfast. I had my cereal in the microwave, my cup of tea brewing, and had just poured my juice to take my daily handful of prescription drugs when completely out of the blue I got the most awful stomach cramps. One hour later, when I thought it was safe enough to drag myself from the toilet, I called in sick and went back to bed, and seven hours after that I woke up. My diagnosis, a mild case of food poisoning, I have had the severe case twice previously so give me a mild one any day.

I still did not feel the best but thought I would call the office to see what had happened as today is my day off, but if it had been busy and I was feeling better I thought I might go in. Lucky for me it had been a quiet day so I was told to have my day off after all. I am feeling much better today, still not 100%, but much better. Incidentally I lost 600 grams yesterday so it was not a complete loss, then again maybe it was.

Today is my one year anniversary at my now not so new job, my how that time has flown. I started at 3 days per week with 65 corporations, and am now at 4 days, soon to be 5, with 84 corporations and growing, there are another 3 in the wings. Tomorrow morning everyone from the office is meeting for breakfast which should be fun, celebrating my milestone and a couple of others besides.

I found out yesterday that one of my dearest friends lost her mother last Friday, my heart goes out to her. I think what makes it particularly sad is that my friend lives here in Adelaide and her mother lived in Queensland so she was not there at the end. It just goes to show that you need to make the most of every opportunity with your loved ones, I am so grateful that my children all live in Adelaide.

That’s enough from me. Thank you for reading.


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