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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..5 July 2013

Today I had the misfortune of having to deal with electricity provider Simply Energy. After 10 minutes on hold during which I did not speak to a single soul, I just pressed a couple of buttons and then listened to the same message over and over, I was ready to spit blood and was starting to feel sorry for whomever finally answered my call.

Some background, I recently took over a new corporation from another management company and Simply Energy provide the billing for their electricity usage. As is normal practice I contacted them to advise the change in management and provided the corporation’s ABN, the billing account number and the NMI, National Meter Identification number, all was good with the world, job well done, they even gave me a reference number.

Low and behold today I get an email telling me that the phone number I provided was invalid, this is the phone number the company I work for have had for thirty years, and they also wanted to know my date of birth, my date of birth, how is that even relevant. The email gave me a number to call and it is here that I was stuck on hold.

Back to today, after 10 minutes a young man finally took my call and I quoted him the two reference numbers I had been provided in the email, neither of which meant anything to him. By now I was trying very hard to remain calm and polite. He asked a few questions and then said he would need to speak to his supervisor, would I mind holding, like I had a choice.

After a few minutes he came back to me and asked for my date of birth to which I advised that had no relevance to the corporation and why did he want it. He explained that each time I called Simply Energy my date of birth would be used to verify I was authorised to the account, to which I replied, what if I leave my job and someone else has to call, what if I am absent from work and something comes up, there must be another method of verification, no was the response.

In desperation I put my boss on the phone who explained as I had previously that my date of birth was irrelevant and that she would provide her date of birth, this is the owner of the company, not acceptable as she did not make the call, I did. She calmly explained that in business an employees date of birth was not an appropriate method of identification and he told her to put me back on as there was another way.

The phone was handed back to me and he asked me again for my date of birth so rather than argue the point, and out of pure exasperation I gave it thinking something else was coming. He said thank you that is what I wanted all along and hung up.

Simply Energy, simply no customer service. I will be recommending to my corporation they change electricity provider,

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