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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..6 July 2013

Brian and I went to visit Mum in the nursing home this morning and got a bit of a shock when we walked in, sitting on her bed was an elderly gentlemen who was holding her hand. It turns out his name is John and he is a fellow resident who is widowed, and from the conversation I would say he also has dementia. They were quite cute together really and at least he gave us something else to talk about, no harm done, just two lonely old people finding a little comfort in each other’s company. It is not like I am getting a new Daddy.

When we left we went to the Munno Para Shopping Centre and had two of the worst hotdogs we have ever eaten, that is what we get for buying hotdogs in Munno Para. We also checked last weeks lotto nad had another small win, a semi regular thing for us. Thank you Universe.

After this we stopped in at Kane‘s for a cup of tea and a quick visit, and then to Ryan’s for another cup of tea and a quick visit. I have not seen Wade, Blake or Jade for a few weeks so I need to catch up with them some time soon.

Tonight we had dinner at the Sussex Hotel in Walkerville with some old school friends of mine. My dinner was a bit ordinary, chicken schnitzel with Swiss cheeses and ham topping, too much ham and not enough cheese, but we had a good chat, it was nice to catch up. The only down side, a couple of no shows that could not be helped, and the Adelaide Crows lost to West Coast …….bugger! Season over.

As we were leaving the barman called out and started to chase us down, I had forgotten my credit card.

Brian is now downstairs catching up on his Saturday night television viewing and I have had a couple of brandies so am off to bed. Goodnight and thank you for reading.

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