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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..7 July 2013


How sad am I, I am sitting here writing today’s blog as I will not have time tonight. Why you might ask, it’s because our Sunday night television viewing is all programmed in and then it will be too late, and Brian is in bed having an afternoon siesta so he is ready for the night’s viewing.

It is damn cold in Adelaide today, the sun was shining earlier and I did most of the washing which is now airing on the clothesline but not drying. I should really put the heater on but this house is a difficult one to keep warm as most of the warmth just floats upstairs, as we cannot shut downstairs off. Mental note that ducted heating and cooling will be a good idea in our next home, our next single storey home, no more stairs for me, then again split level might be nice.

Actually my life is not that bad, I have a job that I enjoy, children and grandchildren that I adore, and I have Brian. We have a roof over our heads, all our bills are paid, we certainly do not go hungry, and we have some money in the bank for our next house. Things could certainly be a lot worse, and they have been, but we do not complain, we just get on with it. I count my blessings. You have to appreciate what you have in order to move forward in this life.

At my son’s suggestion I have started reading The Power of Now, I am finding this book quite heavy going and cannot really get into it, perhaps someone is telling me that now is not the right time for me to read this book.

This morning I went into Port Adelaide as I needed a prescription, there were some very unattractive sites, muffin tops everywhere I looked. Most of these were young girls who I am sure never look in the mirror, if they did they would see mashed potato straining to get out of an icing bag. Oops, was that out loud!

I just went downstairs to get a drink and it is now raining, I guess all those clothes on the line will now get an extra airing. That’s it from me for today, enjoy the rest of your weekend.


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