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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..8 July 2013

I have heard it said repeatedly that Adelaide is like a big country town,  but today it was proven beyond doubt. I have just taken on a new corporation and needed to organise one of their contractors to do some work, and to make a long story short this contractor has bought my late Uncle’s house, it really spun me out when I saw his address as my uncle has been dead for over thirty years and I have not seen his widow for a very long time.

In a few weeks I am going to my god-daughter’s wedding, who happens to be the niece of this particular Aunt and Uncle. What are the odds that I would find a connection through a contractor I have never met. This particular Uncle is also the one who introduced me to pigeon racing, not really an uncle at all but I come from that generation where it was polite to call all adults either Mr and Mrs or Aunt and Uncle, either way we were very close and I was distraught when he was tragically killed at only 39 years of age.

It actually freaks me out a bit that I will soon turn 55, and yet this man who was like a second father to me did not even live to see 40. I am looking forward to this wedding with some trepidation as although it will be great to see my god-daughter and her mother, I am not sure that my Aunt is all that happy about my change of lifestyle, but you get that.

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