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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..10 July 2013

That’s me done for the day, today is my day off but I have been a busy little bee, for a little while anyway. After a nice lay in I got up and made breakfast and then settled on my couch to catch up on the week’s television viewing, 2 episodes of MasterChef, one episode of The Americans, and the first episode of The Great Bake Off.

I had to feel sorry for one of the contestants on MasterChef when a guest judge told her it was a shame a cow had to die for the steak tartare she prepared, ouch! The Americans still has me gripped, the twist and turns in the storyline while sometimes predictable still come up with a few surprises. As for the Great Bake Off, that was a bit of a laugh really so I will probably tune in again.

All in all I had a peaceful morning, that is until the gardener came, but he was not here long. A little later the serenity was shattered by a cacophony of noise from the back yard so I went to the window to have a look. Low and behold there was a group of native birds of some description, probably eight in all, fighting in the back yard, they all seemed to be pecking at this one bird, and every time the poor thing found a way out they swooped on it. I watched for a few minutes until they all took off.

After the gardener left I was able to do the washing which is now drying in glorious sunshine. I have swept the floors, including the stairs, and vacuumed the carpets. See Brian, I have done something today, it was not all about me 🙂

Now I think a little YouTube is in order, then time for dinner, Brian is with his mother so I can have whatever I like, and then cosy down for tonight’s television viewing. What a life!


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