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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..13 July 2013

Time for an update as I have been off air for a few days. I cast my mind back to Thursday night when I had the misfortune of watching what is quite possibly the worst movie ever made, and yet I watched it to the end hoping it would get better, Kath and Kimderella. Now I used to quite enjoy the Kath and Kim television series, there were some very funny moments, but this movie was truly terrible. In my opinion everyone who had anything to do with this movie should leave it off their resume.

On Friday I was feeling a bit off again but like the trooper that I am I went to work, not that I had very much to do as I am up to date with everything and there is very little coming in. I spent the afternoon doing some “housekeeping”, I found work orders dating back to 2006 that had not been completed, everything is now current.

Friday night, what an absolute disappointment, my beloved Adelaide Crows kissed their season well and truly goodbye. No use in lolling around feeling sorry for yourself though, just play the season out and start getting ready for 2014. There is a lot of talent in this side though, thank goodness for Tom Lynch, Rory Sloane, Patrick Dangerfield and Richard Douglas just to name a few. There is definitely a Premiership side in the making here, Brenton Sanderson will make his name as a coach yet. On the bright side Port Power lost so the weekend has not been a complete disappointment.

This morning I went to The Australian National Pigeon Show at the Wayville showgrounds, I have been looking forward to this for months, in fact I cancelled other plans so I could attend this. While I knew that a wide variety of pigeon breeds would be represented I was very disappointed that so few Racing Homers were on display. What I was even more disappointed in was the compete lack of merchandise available, I went with every intention of buying something, but there was nothing other than some jackets and baseball caps, and some old magazines. It did achieve something though, it reinforced my desire, if in fact it was needed, that I cannot wait to race pigeons again.

Brian had intended to do some shopping whilst I was at the pigeon show but as it did not take me as long as I had hoped his shopping trip was cut short to pick me up. He had caught up with a work colleague in the city so we met her for lunch at the Royal Oak Hotel in North Adelaide. As we are going out for dinner tonight all I wanted was a snack of some kind but there was nothing like that on the menu so I went for a  chicken sandwich on Turkish bread, it was very ordinary, way too much red capsicum, it was very heavy.

As I sit here typing Brian is downstairs having a snooze, I think I might join him. Until tomorrow, thank you for reading.

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